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Rukhsana being interviewed by Television show 'Let the Quran Speak':

Muslim Children's Literature

Conversation with Rukhsana Khan


Rukhsana being interviewed by CBC The National:

CBC National Profile 2013 


Rukhsana talks to Rawal TV host Atif Mir:

Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--Profile of Rukhsana Khan

Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--Raising Muslim Kids in Canada

Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--J.D. Salinger--Rukhsana talks about Salinger's definitive work Catcher in the Rye


Rukhsana talks to Ian Ferrier at the 2007 Words Aloud Festival

Interview with Ian Ferrier, Words Aloud 2007 Part 1 of 2

Interview with Ian Ferrier, Words Aloud 2007 Part 2 of 2


Rukhsana on a TVOntario Children's Literature panel about kids coping with change

TVO Parents panel discussion--Rukhsana talks children's literature with other experts